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This one ought to be called "Kiss Me" - but for formal reasons its part of the blaud bottle 'concept'.
A 'single' version with a melting love melody exists and in that respect this is the re-mix
even though this version was composed first.
One of the best examples of the drink & food approach: there is no distinction between the
song and its dance-remix, the band and the DJ - all is integrated. <

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(this place in Bali - is called impossibles - making a wave here without getting scraped across the reef is kind of like having Krishna wink at you for a split second)



Train Unforgiven

This is the opening track from the Swamp Sound System debut album.
We used it to open all our live shows for years.
Inspired by Clint's brilliant film.

Haunted Hill

A house-like electronica tune playing with a double entendre using samples from Vincent Price's brilliant film.
Kali's favorite guitar solo ever, a subtle, sublime, hair-on-the-back-of-the-neck textural wonder.

Dog Hendrix

One of the original "Drink & Food" tunes recorded by Schweickie and Kali.
The title refers to the origin of the raw material which makes up the ambient electronic part.


A tricky juxtaposition of samples from Pink Floyd, Ventures, Keith LeBlanc/Tackhead, with
original guitar and bass. This might get a Burrows-like vocal someday.

Unforgiven (unplugged)

Extended rehearsal version.
Undoctored recording of how the band actually sounds.
Recorded with a single microphone in the middle of the room - no mixing, no effects, no eq.

On & On (instrumental)

On and On without vocals from a soundcheck.
This is a nice version showcasing the harmonies in this composition without any distractions.

Woman I Love

This was composed and recorded for Frances Viray on her birthday.
It has an accompanying picture book with images that relate to the sounds in the music.
One is meant to turn the pages when they hear the 'special sound'
to keep the sound and picture in-sync like an old elementary school filmstrip.


A spaghetti western soundtrack.
Un recuerdo del sonar de soledad como Ennio Morricone.

Git 2k5.6

Multi-pretty-guitar type of thing.
This is just a sketch really - one version of many.
There is actually a version with a jungle/drum-and-bass beat.

Open A Git

Acoustic guitar solo.
This tune features Kali's special "open A" tuning A-A-C#-E-A-E.
The themes are a mixture of modal swamp blues and Hindustani modalities
with formal charactaristics of a Baroque lute richecar.




This is an original arrangement of
a Robert Johnson lyric, done in a style which was very popular in the 1970's.
Click Dark is the bad-ass-mo-fo on drums.
note: 'open' drums at the end for all you producers out there...

Nite B4

Here are the rules:
1. Don't ride in front of me.
2. Don't ride behind me.
3. Don't ditch your board.
4. Nobody moves - nobody gets hurt.
Get the hell off of O.B.
...and YES - that photo at the top of the page is who you think it is...

Set Em Straight

This is a note for note rendition of a tune originally recorded by Eric B. & Rakim.
All of the motifs which were samples in the original have been re-created with guitars.
Thanks to Bernard Purdie for the drum loop.


A collection of true stories from hitch-hiking in the American southwest.
Featuring Schweickie making a beautiful sound on acoustic traps with brushes.

Hot Rod Lincoln

Johnny Bond's lyric done in a contemporary style with Kali on all instruments.



Hippodrome/Truckee River

The great and powerful Shagaroo initiated this composition with a simple 2 part bass line.
Kali added a counterpoint guitar part with a renaissance chromatic flavor.
The resulting eerie modality inspired a "something wicked this way comes" lyric.
All time classic live version of truckee river.

21st Century Swamp

This lyric (from 1999) refers to the turn of the century
"Who made the beginning of time? Who knew the year zero?"
"21st century : evermore as it always were"
The more things change the more they stay the same.
Cool fucked-up guitar - way too much wah - really rude.

Swamp Dog 97

This is the 1997 update of THE original swamp tune "swamp dog".
As the intro will attest, this is Schweickie's favorite record.
This isn't even the whole thing (all though probably ENOUGH).
If you want the whole story, look for swamp>>dog return...

I want you

Recorded at Spring Street in L.A. with the brilliant Bill Sanke
Beautiful Ampex 2" analog sound with Neve Amek - THE way to go.
One of the original swamp tunes from WAY back


Kali saw this cool old black & white western about a little dusty town going to hell.
"Here's to your health reverend"
"I ain't a clergyman"
"He's a whiskey seller"
"Chaiman of our farewell committee"
"Seein' us off just fine"

3 songs (live)

This recording is 100% honest:
recorded live in mono with a single microphone in the middle of the room.
Kali, Schweickie, and Shag.
No mixing, no effects, no EQ, no editing or fakery of any kind.





Fuck The Cops

Johnny's got the Keys

Lab Dub

Let's Put the Poor in Charge

Let's Rob the Storageyard

Poison Ivy

Rat Attack

Red Light

Robin Hood

Sesame Seeds

Skeletal Remains

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Bach - Lute suite bwv 997

J.S. Bach's suite for baroque lute in C minor bwv 997.
Played here on classical guitar, transposed to A minor.
5 movements: